Friday, August 19, 2005

This is what I have so far with the control systems for my robot:

The IC socket is for my PIC 16c57
The IC on the board is my dual half driver chip from TI
I also have a 20mhz resonator and a 5vdc regulator

This is only the beginning, I still have a lot of items/wiring to do...

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Jacob Simmons said...

and which robot is this?

Brian said...

Well, it's my first "real" robot, the one pictureds below.

The reason I say "real" is because I don't consider the FRC Robot me and my built, the multiple Lego RCX robots, or the VEX robots I have built to be "real" robots.

I am not sure what my definition of a "real" robot is, but I am working on that. Right now I am kinda stuck on the sci-fi interpretation of robots as real robots. Hopefully I'll get my standard out soon.

So anyways, I have pictures in other posts of the wiring that I need to add to the controller board, and of the base that I will be using for my robot.

-Brian J

Phil said...

Awesome dude, but how are you going to program it? unless your going to put a parallel or IO port on the board.

Brian said...

I have the programming unit elsewhere. What I am going to do is insert the pic into the IC socket when I am running the robot, and when I am programming the robot, I will take the PIC out of the control system board and into the programming unit.

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